Here it comes! The largest expo dedicated specifically to love and sex is yet again coming to Chicagoland! Yes, this April, all of us, freaky people will get a chance to meet up with our favorite stars. The show, amongst various sex-celebrities will feature a variety of exhibitors that make toys, tailored to adults and what I think is most important of all: educational seminars that will teach you everything you do not know about sex! Or you can see some of it in action with live presentations of BDSM equipment such as spanking benches and suspension rigs! And don't forget - ladies enter for free on Friday! You can get tickets here.

This last Saturday, on March 23rd there was a concert. A concert of epic musical proportions - Enigma. Now, you may have never  heard of them, but to us, Eastern Europeans, they hold a special place in our hearts. Originally started in the nineties by a Romanian-born German musician, Michael Cretu, they had a streak of platinum sales in the early days of their career. However, the band never toured - until recently. And this recent concert mark's their first official visit to Chicago.

Their performance however, did not go without a problem - many show attendees were blaming the musical group for not performing live, instead opting for lip-syncing to studio recorded tracks. Yes, I see how some parts of their music simply cannot, or are very difficult to be performed live due to the band's heavy use of vocal processing as well as their overall atmospheric, ambient sound. Nevertheless, live is life as Opus once sang in their well-known piece, the band should at least try to perform live.

Regardless, the show was a huge success, filling up all the seats at Copernicus Center. Among the public were many Eastern Europeans like myself, as well as a some Americans. I guess that music is stronger than all the barriers that are constantly dividing us in this country, especially with our current political situation.
This year, Alfa Romeo yet again joined other automakers in Chicago for the 2019 Chicago Auto Show. What makes this year's display so exciting though, is the inclusion of an older Sauber Formula 1 car with their current livery. It really makes for some good advertising given the team's recent name change to Alfa Romeo Racing. And if you look closely at the drivers' fire suits Kimi's says Stelvio, while Giovinazzi's Giulia - two of their current production cars and the only two currently available in the United States, not including the more rare 4C sports car.

Here are some photos of their older racer. Just click them to enlarge.

Over the years we all condemned the Pontiac Aztek for its hideous design, while we completely overlooked its features and its innovative options such as the tent or the inflatable
mattress that you can use to go camping with.

Doug DeMuro using the Aztek air mattress
Nevertheless, the Aztek was (or still is as it's immortalized in the Breaking Bad series) an ugly car that does not even deserve a second look. However its ugliness is apparently making a comeback into the automotive market in a from of a Japanese made crossover vehicle (which are mostly ugly too), the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross. 

First of all, why did Mitsubishi decide to revive the Eclipse name which sat unused since 2012? And why did they use it for a hideous crossover that not even millenials are sure they want to buy? Well, I'm sure they had their reasons, such as that the Japanese have always had trouble with coming up with car names for the US market (anyone remember the Fairlady?) or that they wanted to sell the car to the Fast and Furious crowd which they hoped would still remember the name from the original two movies in the franchise.
But it's not just the Eclipse Cross that's at fault. All cars with a horizontally split rear windows are to be blamed, most notably the Toyota Prius. Why aren't regular cars exciting anymore? I remember a few years ago going to the annual Chicago Auto Show was an amazing experience, all the cars on display, new models, new announcements. The 2019 Auto Show? Not as interesting. Are we, the millenials to blame?
Ahead of the big launch of the 2019 Alfa Romeo Formula 1 car, i've decided to make an awesome clothing design featuring the 2018 car livery on a 2017 car body (no halo). Just scroll down a bit to see the design on some cool clothing items as well as some amazing accessories such as iPhone cases and even throw pillow for your living room!

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